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For sale is my 4X4 7.3 Diesel E350 campervan that is set up for remote off-grid camping. You can live/work anywhere or use it for weekend getaways. My wife and I have lived in it for multiple 3-month stents with our kids as well as shorter week-long trips. We drove it up the PCH one time and up to Alaska another and it has never let us down. It is designed for off-grid getaways and to get as far away from civilization as possible. As a family, we have outgrown it and so we are looking to upsize.


7.3 PowerStroke Diesel

Ujoint Offroad 4X4

Hightop (6’1” standing room)

Seats and seatbelts for 4

Full-size bed and mini kids bed

3 burner stove and oven, running water with 20-gallon capacity

Solar and off grid / boondocking setup

Tons of storage

This van can go anywhere due to its Ujoint Offroad converted 4-wheel drive at the Asheville location in 2017. 6” lift on 35” Toyo AT2s with Dana 60 Stage 2 axle. 4.10 gears and Fox 2.0 shocks all around as well as 4 new calipers and rotors. Full transmission rebuild with a larger transmission cooler. Custom leaf springs built to the weight of the van after campervan buildout.

170k miles on the legendary 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel that has been meticulously maintained. No blowby or leaks. I have changed the oil every 5k with Delvac 15w40 and Motorcraft filters, as well as air and fuel filters every 15k. Since I have owned the van, I have replaced both starting batteries, vacuum pump, torque converter, water pump, starter, high amp alternator, CPS, tensioner pulley, serpentine belt, air intake heater and I have added a White Rogers Glow Plug Relay. This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned and I wouldn’t think twice about driving it back up to Alaska.

The van spent the first half of its life garage kept before I purchased it and began the conversion process. It was stripped all the way down and inspected for rust or any potential issues and the frame and floor were coated in POR-15 as a preventative. I then added a 24” fiberglass high top resulting in 6’1” of standing room. It was then coated with monstaliner bedliner, inside and out, and insulated with Thinsulate matting, foam board, and dynamat to quiet down the diesel rumble. A DP tuner and custom tunes with gauges and EGT were installed as well as a 4” turbo-back exhaust to help with both the MPG and acceleration. She tows great, gets amazing mileage, and can move when needed. There is no rust on the van, and the underbody has been coated with a rubberized coating.

200w of monocrystalline solar panels, 300ah AGM house battery, and MPPT solar controller provide enough power to camp off grid for days. The house battery is also connected to the alternator via a Blue Seas automatic charging relay so you can top it off while driving, and your solar can keep your starting battery fully charged but you never risk draining your starting battery. There are USB and 12 outlets in the back connected to the house battery as well as an 1100 watt power inverter to run the two 110 outlets.

60L Engle fridge-freezer that consumes only .5 – 3.6 amps of power so it barely draws off of your solar with an off-road capable compressor that works regardless of what angle you park at. The 60L capacity would allow my wife and I to stay totally off grid for 4-5 days at a time.

20-gallon fresh water tank with exterior fill point and electric water pump that feeds the sink. 5-gallon removable gray tank for quick and easy dumping. We always use biodegradable soap so we can dump it anywhere.

Natures Head self-contained composting toilet that is kept hidden in the trunk area below the bed but easily accessed if needed. It is odorless and compact and fantastic when you need it. The toilet has been used but will be thoroughly cleaned before the sale and can be removed prior to sale at the new owner’s request.

11lb ASME Horizontal propane tank that feeds a 21” Dometic(Atwood) 3 burner stove and oven. The oven heats to 500*F and the front burner is 9000 btu and the back two burners heat to 6500 btu so you can cook a gourmet meal even when far away from civilization.

Custom in dash sim card IPAD that is Bluetooth connected to the van’s speakers to allow for navigation, music, or video watching for the kids. The iPad can convey with the sale or not at the new owner’s request. I will ensure that it is factory reset prior to sale.

Full-size memory foam mattress that is honestly more comfortable than my bed at home, and small removable front seat kids bed.

Custom Skeeter Beater magnetic mosquito nets rated as true no see um mesh to maintain air flow while keeping out pesky bugs.

Maxxair Deluxe fan with remote and rain shield that keeps the van cool and incredibly energy efficient. Rear pop-out windows to help with airflow and two slide open windows on the high top.

08+ Front end conversion with upgraded Superduty LED Headlights. Ceramic window tint on the front windows and windshield really cuts down on how hot the van gets in the summer.

Seating for four. The front two seats came out of a Toyota Sienna and have armrest and footrest as well as recline. The passenger’s seat swivels as well. The middle seat is a fold-down seat that has a shoulder belt and the back seat is a flip-down jump seat with just a lap belt. The rear seat can be removed and the flooring replaced if the new owner requests it.

The van comes with both a highlift type farm jack and a 10,000 lb bottle jack as well as a brand-new spare tire on an Aluminess tire carrier. It also has an ARB awning mounted on the drip rail with custom brackets.

I know I am missing some things but please call or text and I would love to go over it with you. My name is Max.

The Bad: There is normal wear and tear from a family living in the van and using it as it was intended. There is a small stone chip in the windshield but it has not spread and does not affect the driver’s vision. The zipper on the awning cover is broken and is currently zip-tied shut. The awning is still perfect just the cover that has to wear on it. The driver’s side armrest was chewed up by my dog when she was a puppy, I have never gotten around to fixing it but could look into how much upholstery would cost if the new owner requests it.

The van is currently in Vermont but has spent most of its life in Texas. We just drove it up here when we moved at the beginning of May. I can keep the van fully stocked with cooking supplies and linens if the new owner wants to fly in and take a road trip home.

The price is 75k OBO.

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4X4 7.3 diesel Ford E350 ujoint offroad - Vanlife Trader (2024)
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