Clayton Morris divorce, married, affair, weight loss, net worth (2024)

Clayton Morris is known for co-hosting Fox and Friends Weekend on FOX News Channel and simultaneously co-hosting an hour-long expansion of the show Fox and Friends named Fox and Friends First. Before working as a co-host at FOX News channel, he was in FOX 29 located in Philadelphia, where he worked as a host of a show named Good Day Philadelphia which was broadcast on weekday mornings. He started his career as a co-host when evening newscasts was launched by FOX 29 and his co-host wasSheinelle Jones. When the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet was cancelled, Clayton was no longer present and was replaced by Mike Jerrick. Prior to working in Good Day Philadelphia, he worked with WB Network’s morning show known as The Daily Buzz which was situated in Orlando. Morris was also an anchor at WVVA-TV located in Bluefield, West Virginia, and at Monaco’s CBS affiliate; and he was also a political reporter at Monaco’s CBS affiliate. Don't Miss: Brittany Lincicome

The American born personality attended Wilson High School in Pennsylvania for his schooling. After graduating from high school, Morris went to Pittsburgh University where he majored in both broadcast journalism and US History and, in 1999, obtained his bachelor’s degree. Soon after his graduation he started working. He worked with many firms but got a spark in his career when he joined FOX News Channel as a co-host of Fox and Friends. Clayton was also the producer of the show for KTTV.

Clayton Morris’s appearances on television were so well received that he soon became one of the better known figures at the FOX News channel. Morris’s news coverage covered consumer technology which generated wide appeal among many tech savvy viewers. Morris also worked as the host on weekly radio technology segments that were affiliated with FOX News and was the presenter of the same type of programming on

Morris announced that he would be leaving Fox Network in September of 2017 during an episode of Fox & Friends weekend. The famous news host who was once named New York’s funniest journalist said that he would be leaving broadcasting to focus on a new chapter of his life; namely, real estate and family. “I’m excited about this new chapter in my life. I don’t think you’ll ever see me on television ever again, so I ‘m not going anywhere else. I’m just going to spend time with the family and focus on projects that I’m passionate about.”

One of the projects that are apparently a passion for Clayton Morris is teaching others to create their own financial freedom through real estate. Morris has created a podcast called “Investing in Real Estate with Clayton Morris/Financial Freedom Through Turnkey Real Estate” to which he dedicates his efforts and time. The podcast, which publishes three times a week, has well over three hundred episodes with titles like: “The Two Most Important Words in Wealth Building”, “Quitting your Job with Real Estate Investing”, “How to Pay off Your Mortgage in Five Years”, “Why are you Poor?”, “The Hardest Part about Getting Started in Real Estate Investing, and many others. The podcast advertises itself as being “a show hosted by Clayton Morris with a laser focus on buy and hold rental properties in order to create passive income.” The podcast states “Clayton shares tried and true methods for acquiring rental real estate, building net worth, and accelerating your financial freedom.” It goes on to explain that the podcast features interviews of experts, case study reviews of ordinary investors and Clayton's own methods for achieving passive income.


Morris has also created a website that professes to be about “inspiring you to live your best life” and how to “build legacy wealth for you and your family through real estate investing”. Morris says that he created the website because he “grew up with limiting beliefs around money and finances”. He says he often “heard the phrases like "we're not the Rockefellers" and "money doesn't grow on trees" and that those phrases and others like them had a profound impact on him as he was growing up. Morris is quoted as saying “I thought the only way to build wealth was by collecting a paycheck and hoping to get a raise every few years. Yuck!” He goes on to say that he “I had programmed myself with self-doubt,self-loathing, and a giant fear of money”.

Morris advertises a simple tool for building passive, unearned, income that he calls the “Freedom Number”. He says that it is a simple formula that takes only five minutes to use and will enable people to start investing in real estate.Clayton Morris has also written a book on real estate investing titled “How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years: Slash Your Mortgage with a Proven System the Banks Don't Want You to Know about”.

Clayton Morris was married to his long term girlfriend Natalie Morris, a technology news journalist and online media personality, in 2010. Clayton and Natalie have created a happy family and have two children, both a boy and a girl. They were blessed with their first child; a baby boy named Miles Benjamin Morris, on July 26, 2010, and announced the birth of their second child in the media in 2012. Natalie gave birth to their second child, a daughter, Ava Elizabeth, in 2012. The couple shows no sign of differences or divorce and are living a happy married life. Both of them have worked in same occupation and understand the types of time commitments and requirements that are associated with a broadcasting job.Clayton Morrisis enjoying being a responsible father and a loyal husband and is happily living with his family in the Maplewood township of New Jersey.

Clayton is the fan of William Shatner and he is fond of reading old Star Trek novels. He is a good friend of a wrestler, Michael Spillane, and, according to his friends, Clayton is also a huge admirer of modern technology and is considered somewhat of a technology specialist. His fabulous work in the field of broadcast journalism has gained him a huge list of admirers and he likes to interact with his fans via the social networking site Twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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Clayton Morris divorce, married, affair, weight loss, net worth (7)
Clayton Morris  divorce, married, affair, weight loss, net worth (2024)
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