Explore Love and Relationships in These Korean Reality Dating Shows (2024)

Get ready for a rollercoaster of love, laughter, and sometimes a little chaos in Korean dating reality shows! From awkward first dates to heart-fluttering moments, these shows take matchmaking to a new level. So, if you're a fan of love stories, prepare to dive into the exciting world of Korean dating reality TV with The Daebak Company!

Korean Reality Dating Shows for Your Watchlist Heart Signal (2017) Single’s Inferno (2021) His Man (2022) EXchange: Transit Love (2015) Love Catcher (2018)

Korean Reality Dating Shows for Your Watchlist

Have you ever watched a Koreanreality dating show? If not, you're missing out! These shows are a fantastic blend of romance, comedy, and drama, all while showcasing Korea's unique and rich culture. While there's a long list of shows on the internet today, here's an absolute list of must-seeKorean dating showsfor your watchlist!

Heart Signal (2017)

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Heart Signal is a captivating Korean dating reality show with a fresh twist to matchmaking. Picture this: six single strangers, three men, and three women, living together under one roof. They're all on a quest for love, but the game has a unique catch.

Instead of openly confessing their feelings, the participants in this Korean dating show send secret, anonymous text messages to their crushes. The suspense lies in the fact that the person they're texting might not be who they think, leading to dramatic and often heart-pounding revelations.

As the show unfolds, viewers get a front-row seat to the highs and lows of modern dating. Heart Signal is more than just a dating show; it's a social experiment that explores the intricacies of love, communication, and human connections.

With its relatable moments, surprising twists, and genuine emotions, Heart Signal has gained a devoted fan base across the globe. If you're in the mood for romance and surprises, this Korean dating reality show is one you won't want to miss.

Single’s Inferno (2021)

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Single's Inferno is a Korean dating reality show that sets the stage for a fascinating romantic journey. In this series, a group of single men and women are stranded on adeserted island, far away from everyday distractions. The exciting thing about this reality show is that the participants do not know each other's age or job until they go on a date with them, so it is much more realistic in terms of mutual attraction.

What makes Single's Inferno unique is the absence of superficial judgments. Participants are encouraged to focus on getting to know each other's personalities, interests, and values. As the show progresses, viewers witness the ups and downs of budding romances, the excitement of new connections, and the inevitable heartbreaks that come with the pursuit of love.

The heartfelt approach and the stunning island backdrop create a captivating viewing experience. If you're a fan of genuine, unscripted romantic journeys, Single's Inferno offers a refreshing take on modern dating. Get swept away by the emotional love, laughter, and heartwarming moments!

The best part? It has a second season and a third one about topremiere on December 12!

His Man (2022)

The following Korean reality show is one of my favorites and earned the appreciation of many Hallyu fans thanks to its LGBTQIA+ genre.

This time, it is a space where a group of eight attractive and single hom*osexual men meet. In the shared house, they will live, interact, and open up to each other while searching for "true love."

This is thefirst men-dating reality show in Korea where the honest and bold hearts of men are revealed. They reveal their ideal profiles and date each other. The casts go through excitement and disappointment after a series of mental games to go on a date with their favorite partners.

EXchange: Transit Love (2015)

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EXchange: Transit Love is a captivating Korean dating reality show that has captured audiences' attention globally. While most dating shows include people you have never met, EXchange presents an unusual premise: Ex-couples live together in a house and participate in various dating missions to form new relationships with other contestants.To sum up, this dating show is about ex-couples trying to rekindle their relationship.

The show's format is intriguing, as it explores the complexities of human relationships. Participants face the challenge of navigating their past relationships while exploring potential new ones within the same living space. This dynamic creates a unique blend of emotional tension, drama, and romance, which keeps viewers hooked episode after episode.

Throughout the season, participants embark on different dating missions, allowing them to interact with other contestants and potentially form new connections. These missions serve as a platform for contestants to showcase their personalities, compatibility, and adaptability to various situations, adding another layer of excitement to the show.

The combination of old and potential new relationships, coupled with the suspense of the final decision, makes it a standout in reality TV shows. Whether you're a fan of dating shows or simply enjoy good television, EXchange: Transit Love is worth checking out.

Love Catcher (2018)

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Love Catcher is a thrilling Korean dating reality show that adds an exciting twist to romance. Imagine a group of single men and women living under one roof, all searching for love.

Sounds typical, right? But here's the catch: some are genuine about finding true love, while others are there purely for the prize money.

The intriguing part is that nobody knows who's real and pretending. The sincere participants, known aslove catchers, must navigate through the group, forming connections and trying to identify genuine love seekers from the deceptivemoney catchers.

Every episode is filled with suspense and strategic moves. The contestants participate in various activities and missions, all aimed at uncovering the true intentions of their housemates. The stakes are high, and emotions run wild as they try to build genuine relationships.

Love Catcher isn't just about romantic connections; it's a mind game, a test of intuition. Viewers are kept on the edge of their seats, trying to guess who's in it for love and who's playing a game. Will you discover who's searching for love?

Korea has many love reality shows you can enjoy if you love the intricacies and drama you have when unknown people have to live together for a short time. Whether you want to know more about this type of TV Show or its guests, The Daebak Company will guide you.

What are some popular Korean reality dating shows?

Some popular Korean reality dating shows include "Heart Signal" and "Love Catcher. " "We Got Married" pairs celebrities to simulate a virtual marriage experience.

Are Korean reality dating shows scripted or genuine?

While certain elements may be influenced by production, Korean reality dating shows generally strive to capture authentic interactions between participants. Contestants are often placed in real-life scenarios to foster genuine connections.

What makes Korean reality dating shows unique compared to Western counterparts?

Korean reality dating shows often incorporate cultural nuances, emphasizing politeness, respect, and societal expectations. The shows may also include challenges that reflect Korean dating customs.

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Explore Love and Relationships in These Korean Reality Dating Shows (2024)


What is the Korean reality dating show on Netflix? ›

Single's Inferno has been well-recognized in Korea and beyond across its three seasons. Upon its release, Season 1 became the first Korean unscripted series to make the Netflix Global Top 10 TV Series (Non-English) list.

What is the Korean dating show where everyone has a secret? ›

A group of men and women, each burdened with a dark secret, look for love in this dating show with a twist.

Does Korea have dating shows? ›

Even though they are not celebrities, they are not less famous either. Well, one of the most popular Korean dating shows, both in South Korea and abroad, is actually "I Am Solo", which brings together ordinary people, from different walks of life, who want to get married and are sincere in this objective.

Are Korean reality dating shows scripted? ›

While they label themselves as reality show, the Korean shows are closer to a scripted drama than a reality show. Naturally, the cast are mostly TV personalities rather than civilians, the real people from the real world.

What is the Netflix dating show with everyone? ›

Game, Set, Perfect Match

Netflix reality show alumni look for lasting love and test their connections in a dating competition — but only one pair will be named the perfect match.

What is the Korean show on Netflix about dating app? ›

When a software developer creates a dating app that a serial killer uses to find his next targets, she's drawn into a dark world of romance and murder. Watch all you want. A series from director Jung Ji-woo (“Eungyo”) starring Kim Young-kwang, Kang Hae-lim, Kim Yong-ji and Kim Su-yeon.

What is the Korean reality dating show with exes? ›

Exchange (TV program)
GenreReality show Dating show
Written byFurther information: § Production
Directed byLee Jin-ju (Season 1 & 2) Kim In-ha (Season 3)
Country of originSouth Korea
16 more rows

What is the couple palace dating show in Korea? ›

The show stars fifty men and fifty women from various backgrounds who unveil their detailed social status to search for ideal partners based on elements such as ideal marriage values, physical appearance, economic status, and lifestyle. It premiered on CJ ENM's affiliate music channel Mnet in January 2024.

What is the new dating show in Korea 2024? ›

The Korean variety show Possessed Love premiered on June 18, 2024, and airs new episodes every Tuesday on SBS. The upcoming episode 2 of Possessed Love will be released at 10:20 p.m. KST on SBS. Meanwhile, viewers can also stream the episode on Viu. The show is also known as Fortune Tellers Love.

Who pays when dating in Korea? ›

They feel it's unfair for men to pay for dates when men and women should be seen as equals. Traditional norms, however, dictate that men bear the brunt of the costs, especially on the first date. One solution to this conundrum is joint couple bank accounts, which are quite common in South Korea.

What is the most popular dating site in Korea? ›

5 Best Dating Apps in South Korea
  • Boo (available in both free and paid versions)
  • Tinder (free, hookup app)
  • Noondate (free, focused on serious relationships)
  • Azar (free, video chat app)
  • Amanda (free, women-focused)

Do any reality show couples stay together? ›

While it seems to be a trend that many marriages on reality TV end in divorce, there are still some reality TV couples out there beating the odds. Big Brother's Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo met while filming season 18 of Big Brother in 2016.

What is the Korean dating show divorce? ›

Newly single and ready to mingle, divorced men and women enter the Dolsing Village looking to date, cohabitate and find love again. Watch all you want.

What is the Korean island dating on Netflix? ›

In the show, couples are formed through free dates and dates in Paradise. The deserted island the contestants reside on, called Inferno, requires them to cook their own food, not use their electronics, and draw their own water. Any discussion of age and occupation is also not allowed.

What is the Korean reality show on Netflix competition? ›

Physical: 100 is a South Korean reality competition series on Netflix created by MBC producer Jang Ho-gi. The first season aired weekly from January 24 – February 21, 2023. The second season aired weekly March 19 – April 2, 2024. The show's premise is to find the ideal human physique based on performance.

What is the Korean dating show change days on Netflix? ›

Struggling real-life couples date each other's partners to decide who to leave with: the same person they walked in with or someone new.

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