Fans fume Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty is 'illegal' but France have last laugh (2024)

FOOTBALL fans demanded Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty be re-taken for his stuttering run-up in Portugal's shoot-out against France.

But moments later the Real Madrid legend, 39, was left heartbroken when Joao Felix crucially struck the post as Didier Deschamps men marched into the semi-finals.




For many, it was justice for Ronaldo's controversial penalty as he stopped and stuttered heavily before firing past the dive of Mike Maignan.

And those on social media were quick to vent their frustration about his spot kick.

One said: "F***ing despise that run up from Ronaldo, should be illegal."

Another added: "That full stop Ronaldo does should be illegal."


Fans fume Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty is 'illegal' but France have last laugh (4)
RON TO REMEMBER Ronaldo leaves cameraman shocked with decision as Lineker loses bet
Fans fume Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty is 'illegal' but France have last laugh (5)
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A third replied: "Ronaldo taking an illegal penalty again."

While a fourth responded: "Ronaldo's run up was illegal as f***, stopped about three times."

And a fifth said: "Swear Ronaldo’s penalty is illegal."

In fact, Ronaldo did nothing wrong according to Uefa's laws.

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Thelawstates: "The kicker must not stop or feint (pretend to kick the ball) at the end of their run-up – they must kick it immediately.

"But feinting in the run-up is permitted."

How Portugal have performed at the Euros with Cristiano Ronaldo

Fans fume Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty is 'illegal' but France have last laugh (10)

CRISTIANO RONALDO has been a model of longevity for more than two decades in an outstanding international career.

Euro 2004

After making his international debut in 2003, Ronaldo's first Euros came in 2004.

Ronaldo marked his Euro debut with a goal in a 2-1 defeat to Greece - his first for Portugal.

He scored his second in the semi-final win over the Netherlands, but Portugal met Greece again in the final, losing 1-0 in shock result.

Euro 2008

Ronaldo wasPortugalcaptain four years later but Euro 2008 was the least impactful tournament he's had.

There was still time for a standout performance, though, asRonaldo scored onceand set up two more in a group-stage win over the Czech Republic.

Euro 2012

Playing at Real Madrid at the time, Ronaldo was the top goalscorer at Euro 2012, with three goals, including a brace in the group stage against the Netherlands.

Portugal's quarter-final against Czech Republic was heading towards a stalemate with 10 minutes to go and they needed a special moment from him.

His powerful header in the dying minutes took Portugal to the semi-finals where they lost on penalties to Spain.

Euro 2016

Ronaldo scored three goals in Euro 2016, with Portugal crowned CHAMPIONS after defeating France 1-0 in extra time in the final.

After suffering an injury inside the opening 16 minutes against France, he was forced to watch from the sidelines.

Yet the Portugal captain became a cheerleader, and helped coach his team-mates to the historic victory.

He matched Michel Platini's record of nine goals by the end of Euro 2016.

Euro 2020

Ronaldo made history again with FIVE goals at Euro 2020, the most of any player at a Euros.

Yet it was arguably Portugal's least exciting affair, as they exited in the Round of 16 following a 1-0 defeat to Belgium.

With his goals in this tournament,Ronaldobecame the top goalscorer at the European Championship with 14 goals.

Pepe was in tears after Portugal's #Euro2024 exit 😢

Cristiano Ronaldo was there for him.#BBCEuros #PORFRA

— Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) July 5, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo leaves even cameraman shocked with free-kick decision as Gary Lineker loses bet to Rio Ferdinand

Ronaldo missed a penalty in normal time in Portugal's last-16 win over Slovenia on Monday and was seen crying on the pitch.

He stepped up to score in the shoot-out, but was then left devastated on Friday evening as France edged past Portugal.

And this time the Manchester United icon became the consoler as he embraced Portugal's tearful defender Pepe, 41, in the wake of their defeat.

Ronaldo, who triumphed with Portugal in 2016, has confirmed it is his sixth and final European Championships - a competition in which he has netted 14 goals, making him the record scorer.

But he failed to score in any of his five appearances at Euro 2024 and missed a host of chances in the process.

Speaking to Portugal TV's RTP ahead of the France clash, he said: "Without a doubt it's the last Euro [for me], of course it is. But I'm not emotional about that.


Fans fume Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty is 'illegal' but France have last laugh (12)
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Fans fume Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty is 'illegal' but France have last laugh (13)
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"I'm moved by everything that football entails, by the enthusiasm I have for the game, the enthusiasm I see in the fans, having my family here, people's passion.

"It's not about leaving the world of football. What else is there for me to do or win?"

Who is Euro 2024's sexiest star?

Fans fume Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty is 'illegal' but France have last laugh (14)

EURO 2024 has something for everyone from stunning goals, thrilling matches... and the continent's biggest hunks, writes Jack Figg.

Several stars have lit up the group stages with their skills on the pitch - but others are also catching the eye for their looks.

But who is the sexiest?

Thankfully AI boffins have carried out an analysis on the facial attractiveness of all players at the tournament.

And it's bad news for Gareth Southgate's Three Lions who are the fourth UGLIEST in the competition - one place below Scotland.

In fact it's England's group rivals Serbia who have fans swooning the most - boasting an average score of 77.90/100 with defenderStrahinja Pavlovic deemed their most attractive.

While Turkey defender Mert Muldur has been ranked as the tournament's BEST-LOOKING player.

But who is England's sexiest star, and who makes the Euros' hunkiest XI? Read our full story.

Fans fume Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty is 'illegal' but France have last laugh (2024)
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